Machine workshop

Our machine workshop is located in the Sampola industrial area of Orimattila. We handle a wide range of mechanical engineering services and tasks, such as process piping, PED welding, steel structures and installation work. Read more about Wemasto’s machine workshop.

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Wemasto’s business idea is to facilitate efficient and uninterrupted operation in the process industry. We pursue this goal by conducting work involving PED welding, manufacturing process piping and various steel structures, and performing related installation work for companies in the process, food and energy industries. The materials we use for our various projects are aluminium, non-alloy steel, fine-grain steel, heat resisting steel, stainless steel, acid-proof steel, and DUPLEX steel, as well as super austenitic NiCrMo and NiCrFe alloys.

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We use Polysoude orbital welding equipment. The orbital welding method enables us to carry out welding tasks with the strictest quality and cleanliness requirements in a variety of contexts, such as facilities for the pharmaceutical industry.

Process piping in the food industry. Water treatment and related piping. We can conduct various clean room welding tasks on the customer’s premises.

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We provide our customers with outsourced coordination services through a subcontracting arrangement. Wemasto provides the customer with a welding coordinator with IWE, IWT and IWS qualifications that meet a wide variety of requirements, or a welding inspector with the IWI-C qualification. The task description and area of responsibility is always agreed according to needs and the case at hand.

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The ultimate goal of our maintenance service is to increase and maintain the productivity and efficiency of our customers. We take care of the maintenance and long-term development of our customers’ facilities. This enables our customers to focus their full attention on their core operations, trusting that we will get the job done. Contact us and let us tailor a maintenance service package to best meet your needs and business strategies.

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Wemasto’s experienced installation supervisors take care of the quality, schedule, documentation and necessary technical details of installation efforts with years of experience gained from hundreds of projects. Professionally managed high-quality installation work has a significant impact on the success of the commissioning phase, for example.

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Quality control

We provide quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) services for industrial projects according to our customers’ wishes. For example, we can verify the conformity of the production of pressure equipment (piping, vessel) subject to the EU’s Pressure Equipment Directive, in compliance with law and the customer’s (manufacturer’s) specifications.


Project and work management

Professional project and work management is a basic prerequisite for a successful industrial project. We look after the customer’s interests in the context of industrial projects.

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We perform installations of various refrigeration pipe assemblies and equipment, as well as water cooling machine pipes in a variety of facilities. We also install high-pressure pipes for carbon dioxide systems in shops and cold storages.

We have served as a pipe manufacturer for the largest CO2 systems in Finland, including the Wihuri cold storage in Vantaa and ammonia systems for Lidl in Laukaa. Our work always adheres to the necessary quality requirements. Through our cooperation network, we can handle a wide range of different projects.

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Repair plans

We offer welding and repair plans for industrial operators. We always take into account the requirements of national legislation and the latest methods, and adhere to up-to-date operating models in the most demanding industrial applications. Our designers analyse the implementation needs with care and carry out the planning process flexibly, according to the customer’s needs. Welding quality is always ensured by Wemasto’s in-house professionals, ranging from welding engineers to certified welders.

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Equipment leasing

We rent out a variety of welding equipment and accessories.

  • Our range of welding systems include Mig and Tig welding equipment:
    • Kemppi Minarc tig EVO 200MLP,
    • Kemppi MasterTig MLS 2300ACDC
    • EWM Tetrix Comfort 2.0 puls
  • Pema and Bestis welding positioners.


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